The Back Story

There are people all over the world who are committed to change, and all too often they find themselves without adequate support. Gabriela LeBaron, founder of R2 Society, has been observing this situation and conceived of the idea of creating a network of support to address it. 

Gabriela has been on a lifelong journey to address the issues of social justice, and has spent years in the search for answers. While on this search, she also needed to address her own life’s issues, which were rooted in deep trauma from having grown up in an extremist and violent religion. Her own suffering caused her to look deeper into the causes of despair, as well as how people behave when they when they feel hopeless. She was able to witness the lives of the extreme poor by being among them. She observed as a philosopher would, always seeking to understand the root causes of every situation she encountered. As she overcame her own struggles, she always dreamed of a way to bring healing to those she encountered. But how? There were far too many. Meanwhile, as she studied social movements and the myriad acts of injustice around the world, she also yearned to be able to help. Again she was faced with the ultimate question: how?

It is in recent years that she began realizing that in order to help many, she must help the few who are helping others. She must find a way to bring support to the people who are doing the work she had long since dreamed of doing. As she pondered more, she realized that bringing support to them wasn’t enough. Those who were offering support also had their own needs for personal growth and development; and they had their own dream projects too. They would need support as well. As the answer began formulating itself in her consciousness, she realized she had to form an organization where all people involved in positive change of any kind could support one another, make new friends and embark on journeys of personal development and emotional healing (for their own life’s struggles). This is what R2 Society aims at doing. 

Because she had to work full-time while also developing this project, it moved slowly. When Covid-19 hit and the world had to go on lockdown, Gabriela used her quite time to work nonstop on this project.