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Working together to achieve great things

R2 Society is an educational, personal development and social-change ecosystem where all members participate in the giving and receiving of support and knowledge. 

Here are some common questions and their answers

An agent of change is a person who is committed to changing society for the better. It does not matter the method they use or if they are starting internally or externally; what is important is that they are commitment and see improvement. What we mean by this is that a person could launch a project, start or join a movement, campaign for policy change (all external) or start by working on themselves and making their own lives better through personal transformation (internal). 

It is type of practice that seeks improvement through verifiable results and constant feedback. The lean method starts with something simple so that one can see whether they are on the right track before investing a great deal. This is the new doctrine for startups, but is applied in many fields, such as technology development and project management. Here at R2 Society, we apply it to personal growth and leadership styles. 


In order to do this, accurate and real feedback is vital. This is challenging for many because it is hard to have the high level of self-honesty required for this. But don't worry, we can help with that too! It's like preparing for boot camp. 


While we help other people grow, we also apply the lean method to our own coaching practices. We require verifiable success in the client otherwise there is something in our method that needs to be changed. (Your success is our success!) Because our ultimate aim is to change the world, if the agents of change we support and train are not effective at their work, it means that we are not accomplishing our own goal. The bar is very high! You can, thus, count on a deep transformative experience here. 

R2 stands for the 2nd Renaissance. The first Renaissance is known for its art, but it was also about becoming more educated citizens and what it takes to live well. It was a break from religious rule and superstition and ended up being the predecessor to the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason.

The 2nd Renaissance is about taking all of this to the next level. We need to become more civically educated, learn how to live well and look squarely at what our new superstition is. And yes, art and beauty must be an aspect weaving through all the areas of life, otherwise we will shrivel up and die. 

You will want to include the things that will help you connect with the community. Jot down whether you need support for your project and any details that would help us, or the person who would support you, know more.  If you would like to support others in an area that you are skilled at - regardless if you do it professionally or not - you should include it in your profile also. 


If you are working on a project, please share the details you would like the public to know about and keep private all those that are proprietary or sensitive. We cannot assure absolute privacy here simply because we cannot control what others do. 


Add your social media or alternative method to contact you if you want to speak to people off this platform. 

We aim to create a sacred and safe space for people to grow, learn and give one another support. It is important for our members to be able to go to an entirely new space where they will not have to see notifications, comments or posts from others that are not in their 'bubble'. 


(Guarding one's energy space is a fundamental part to effectiveness, happiness and wellbeing.)


Think of Facebook as the big city and this platform as the countryside. This is where you come to rejuvenate, but the big city still serves its purpose for those who need it. 

There will always be a free level - this is our commitment and promise. On the free level you can set up your profile, join groups (local and online), participate in forums, give and receive guidance and all the things one would do in a public event or party. 


You will need to begin paying when you start to require direct support or guidance for yourself or your project. There will be payment levels associated with your membership which you can upgrade or downgrade at will. 


The highest prices will be for those who would like high-intensity support for fast moving transformation and results which they will be able to see in a few weeks from when they start.

More specifications...

Coaching - Adrien Coquet - Noun Project


Our coaching method is based on sound practices that will give you results in the real world. It is about being more effective at what you do and happier with yourself because of it. It is about rising to your potential and learning to accomplish whatever is needed along the way as you fight to transform society in the way that you are doing it. You can participate in group coaching or one-on-one. 

Community Organizing - Noun Project



This is all about social movements. When it comes to getting people together to change local, state or national policy, you will need a place to organize and communicate. Here you can do your organizing while also taking care of yourself so that you don’t burn out. Change is for the long haul! In order to remain in the fight, you will need a community of support, as well as a solid method for overcoming your own challenges. R2 Society was born for this.

Personal Development - ProSymbols - Noun Project



This is similar to social-emotional development, but does not necessarily have to be it. Many people need help with hard and soft skills, such as building websites, managing a business and communicating in a way that makes others want to listen (how is your personal marketing going??). These are important things for being effective at all projects, social or not. 

Project - Noun Project


You shouldn’t have to formally start a non-profit or apply for grants to get the support you need. If you are launching a business (for profit or not), then you will need help in all kinds of ways that will end up causing you very many of headaches and dollars! If it is a social-impact endeavor, you should receive support and guidance as you maneuver though all the layers of choices you will have to make and tasks you will need to do. You can get that help here! Think of us as MDs who can refer you to specialists if and when you need one. 

Noun Project - Leadership


The best leadership is gentle. It shows by example, and it brings out the highest potential of others. 

In our leadership groups and trainings, we talk about this and so much more. We keep it real and discuss the actual things that can help you become a high-impact person. There is no ceiling here! In fact, we hold a very high standard for all individuals, and require each person to give their all. A victim mentality is not permitted in these circles. (Emotional healing is for everyone, though.)

We also provide a space for you to connect with your fellow leaders and make lasting relationships. 

By Vectors Point - Noun Project

Social – 


You cannot separate your project from yourself; and, if you are emotionally wounded, this will have a detrimental effect on all that you do. It has the power to sabotage you everywhere you go! It is vital that you take your emotional wellbeing extremely serious while you also work to better the world in all the ways that you do. 

Here in R2 Society, you can receive the social-emotional support that you require in the ways that you need it (and you can maintain your privacy about it). 


Here at R2 Society, we know that it takes a village to raise an agent of change. There must be an entire circle of support for all the different needs that emerge along the journey; sometimes they are tangible, but quite often they are basic needs such as understanding and camaraderie. We depend on the members to offer one another support while we also seek to help in all the ways we can.