Engagement Policy

R2 Society is a sacred and wholesome place to engage in projects and causes you are passionate about. This is also a place to focus on your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing as well as your own development in all areas that make your life on this planet better. It is also a place to improve your of hard and soft skills so that you can be a more effective agent of change. This is not a place to argue about politics, religion, philosophy or any abstract notion that people tend to fight about. It is also not a place for trivial things, such as what you had for breakfast. Nor is it a place to show off your babies and pets, although we do love them. R2 Society is most definitely not a place to have a fake profile and engage in oneupmanship.


Here are some basic do's and don'ts


✔  Create a group where you can discuss your topics with people that share your vision, goals, belief system, ideology, religion, political affiliation, etc. You may make this group private or secret and set the rules and moderators that you choose.    

✔   Share your experiences and struggles on  your profile page; seek support and 

advice; offer support and advice to others. 

✔   Create a community revolving around a project where you hope to improve something 

in society and the world. Invite people to join the discussion and help where they can. 

✔  Help with R2 Society content – write a blog, develop a course, or help reword a 

phrase you believe could sound better. 

✔   Invite people into R2 Society who you personally love to stay in contact with; these are

 positive relationships that support the growth of everyone in the circle. They don’t need to be activists or organizers. You can create your own little friendship cove in a private group. 

✔ Take care of your mental, emotional & spiritual sanity. Make sure you take time 

off of work and enjoy the sun, the water, your family and good friends. 


✗ Don’t create conflict. For interpersonal issues within a group, please speak to the 

moderator or email support@r2society.com.  

✗  Don’t promote your business, product, political and/or religions campaign within R2 Society (you may use this platform to organize and get help for promoting in the wider world – this is what the platform is for!).

✗  Don’t insult others for not believing differently than you. 

✗  Don’t engage in counter-movement activities or language. If you don’t agree with the way

 something is being carried out, please join the discussion to make it better or send a private 

message to the organizer with suggestions.