r2 is for 2nd renaissance

R2 Society is a multifaceted project which aims to become a hybrid online/in-person school of social change for people of all walks and all places. R2 is for 2nd Renaissance. (The first Renaissance did not begin with art; in fact, art was a by-product of what it was initially about: humanism. It was also about educating oneself to become civically responsible citizens, which lead the leaders of the era to study ancient Greek history, mythology and philosophy. Individuals were driven to excel in writing, language, argument and manner as well as virtually all areas of the arts.)

So, in the spirit of Renaissance, R2 aims to help as many people as possible to become educated in the areas that will help them become not only civically responsible but effective at their chosen area of service. In order to be truly impactful, one must acquire a set of tools, practices and philosophies that will allow them to overcome all obstacles, become nimble in the field while being impeccable in integrity. (This is actually a tall order, for it involves healing old traumas, learning what one’s true voice is,  becoming free of outside influences…and the list goes on.) 

To accomplish this, we are creating courses on personal development for agents of change and will add new courses on other topics as they are created. (Interested in teaching a course? Let us know!) We are also organizing local meetups where we discuss all topics of social change. R2 Society is in its nascent form right now, so if you would like to participate or help in any way, just let us know. 


To positively impact the world through educating and supporting people who are committed to rising to their highest potential and becoming leaders in society and the world. 


To create a global organization where people meet locally and/or online to support each other and provide one another valuable resources in their efforts to become global and social-impact leaders. 


We are committed to transparency, honesty and total respect for all life – human and non-human. We believe that all human beings are inherently equal, yet have different sets of assets, resources and challenges that positively or negatively affect their lives. 

The Creation of R2 Society

Founder, Gabriela LeBaron, created R2 Society to help individuals in their efforts to establish social-impact projects of all kinds. It was conceived when she was working on a social-impact project of her own; one for which she received the Societal Solutions Scholars Grant, from Cornell University in 2016.

Gabriela had long been passionate about social change and had dedicated many years to studying movements, history, economics and social issues. She also spent many years working on her own personal development and emotional healing from having grown up in a violent, polygamist cult.

Through her experience and research, Gabriela has come to understand that in order for an individual to be successful at social-impact work, they must first attend to their personal traumas and social conditioning. They must also have long-term social support, guidance and material help. R2 Society is the solution she designed for this multi-faceted need.